The Adopt-an-ED Project is a transformative initiative dedicated to establishing standardized public emergency departments (EDs) across the healthcare system in Kenya to save lives.


Public Emergency Departments (ED)

ED Adopt-ED
ED Equipped with Emergency Medical Care Equipment
ED Trained in Emergency Medical Care

Public emergency departments (EDs) in Kenya face significant challenges, from overcrowding to insufficient emergency medical care equipment and limited staff training in emergency medical care. These shortcomings lead to delays in critical interventions, suboptimal patient outcomes, and unnecessary loss of lives.

With 250 public emergency departments at the core of Kenya's healthcare system, optimizing these facilities can ensure that lifesaving emergency medical care is accessible to 95.53% of the population within 2 hours of an emergency, in line with WHO recommendations. This impactful reach extends to communities far and wide, significantly improving healthcare outcomes across the country.

The Adopt-an-ED Project is not just about upgrading the facilities; it's about saving lives, improving health outcomes, and building a resilient healthcare system that serves everyone equitably.

Comprehensive Care: Public EDs offer a wide range of services, from trauma care to acute medical interventions. Supporting them means ensuring comprehensive care for all, regardless of the nature or severity of the emergency.

Community Health: Strengthening Public EDs improves overall community health by addressing emergencies promptly and effectively, preventing complications and long-term health issues.

Saving Lives: Timely interventions in Public EDs save lives. Every minute matters in an emergency, and well-equipped and staffed EDs can make all the difference in critical situations.

Your support for the Adopt-an-ED Project is an investment in the well-being of communities across Kenya. Together, we can optimize public EDs, provide emergency medical care to all, and ultimately save lives.

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