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We provide the latest in emergency medical care practice to healthcare workers and the public through our Casualty app, training, and the provision of freely available educational resources.


Awareness & Access to Emergency Medical Care Information

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Knowledge Development in Action

Casualty App

Our Casualty App provides access to emergency care information and treatment guidelines to help you provide basic first aid if you are a layperson or emergency care if you are a first responder or a healthcare provider.

Emergency Medical Care Training

EMKF Training programs are designed by our local emergency care experts to meet the needs of healthcare facilities and organisations that may be required to provide emergency care to critically ill or injured patients.​

Our monthly Emergency Care Open Mic Sessions are an exciting forum where we give the participants an opportunity to engage directly with both local and international emergency care experts to discuss the latest in evidence-based emergency care affecting our practice locally and internationally. 

Educational Resources

These educational resources are evidence-based and are freely downloadable as part of the Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation’s commitment to Free, Open-Access Medical education (#FOAMed).

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