Capacity Building

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We work with emergency healthcare services to improve infrastructure, equipment and processes.


Public Emergency Departments (ED)


Public Ambulance Services (EMS)

ED Refurbished and Equipped
ED Equipped with Oxygen Manifolds
ED Equipped with Vital Sign Monitors
ED Equipped with ECG Machines
ED Equipped with Ultrasound Machines
Ambulance Dispatch Centres Supported

Capacity Building in Action

Emergency Center Mapping

Location and definition of public emergency care centres within the Kenyan healthcare facility network is important for advancing the provision of emergency care in Kenya.

ECUIP© | Emergency Care Equipment

The Emergency Care Equipment project (ECUIP©) aims to empower public healthcare services across the country to better handle medical emergencies through the donation of lifesaving emergency medical care equipment.


Our Adopt-an-ED campaign aims to renovate run-down public emergency departments (ED) across Kenya and ensure they are equipped with vital emergency medical care equipment and staff trained to provide quality lifesaving emergency medical care.


Ambulensi, Swahili for "Ambulance," is a collaborative initiative with county governments focused on establishing effective public ambulance services across all 47 counties, ensuring timely access to critical emergency medical care services. This project involves crafting County EMS Policies tailored to each county's needs, setting up dedicated public ambulance dispatch centers within the counties, and providing comprehensive training for their EMS personnel. The ultimate goal is to enhance emergency response capabilities and save lives throughout the country.


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