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We work with National and County governments and stakeholders to develop emergency medical care policies and frameworks to achieve universal access to emergency medical care in Kenya.


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National Policy on Emergency Medical Care
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Emergency Medical Care Policies & Legislation

We worked with the Ministry of Health to develop the Kenya Emergency Medical Care Policy 2020-2030 and continue to support the National and County Governments to implement it.

Post-Crash Emergency Medical Care

The Injury Prevention and Safety Initiative (TIPSI©) by the Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) aims to ensure timely, accessible and quality lifesaving emergency medical care for road traffic crash survivors to avoid preventable death and disability and limit the severity of the injury and the suffering.


Our conferences gather local and international delegates to discuss emergency care development and collaborations.

18 Hours

18 Hours is an award-winning Kenyan fictional film based on true events. The film follows a rookie paramedic who spends 18 hours in an ambulance fighting for the life of a road crash victim who struggles to get admission into hospital. Rocque Pictures partnered with Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation and Chapter One on this project.


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