57 people die in Kenya every hour.

With a working emergency healthcare system, this number could potentially be reduced by half.

We are an NGO supporting emergency healthcare providers across Kenya to save lives by strengthening the emergency healthcare system through capacity building, knowledge development, advocacy and research.

Emergency medical care involves:





Emergency Department

Everything you need to save a life from first aid, emergency numbers and how to get help when you need it.

How we are helping to save lives

Capacity Building

We work with emergency healthcare services to improve infrastructure, equipment and processes.

We provide the latest in emergency medical care practice to healthcare workers and the public through our Casualty app, training, and the provision of freely available educational resources.

Knowledge Development

We work with national and county governments and stakeholders to develop emergency medical care policies and frameworks to achieve universal access to emergency medical care in Kenya.


We foster collaborations and partnerships to promote and encourage the study, research and advancement of the science and practice of emergency medical care in Kenya.


Our Impact​

Counties we're supporting to strengthen Emergency Healthcare Systems
Public Ambulance Services Supported
Public Emergency Departments Supported
Emergency Healthcare Providers Trained

As a Ministry, we are confident that continued support from EMKF will ensure that every Kenyan has access to the highest standard of emergency medical care, thereby significantly reducing morbidity and mortality across the healthcare system in Kenya.

Our Partners

Funding Partners

Implementing Partners

Help us save lives in Kenya.

Your support will enable us to provide crucial emergency medical care infrastructure and resources, train and empower current healthcare professionals in emergency medicine, and create sustainable solutions to improve emergency healthcare services in Kenya.

Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation

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Strengthening emergency healthcare systems in Kenya to save lives.