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Our Mission

We are an NGO supporting emergency healthcare providers across Kenya to save lives by strengthening the emergency healthcare system through capacity building, knowledge development, advocacy and research.​

Our Vision

An emergency healthcare system in Kenya that is saving lives.

Our Story

The Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) is an NGO founded in 2015 by local healthcare professionals to support emergency healthcare providers across Kenya to save lives through capacity building, knowledge development, advocacy and research.

Throughout history, Kenya's healthcare system has primarily emphasized the development of various components, often neglecting the importance of emergency medical care. This oversight may have stemmed from the perception that emergency care was either not a priority or too expensive. However, the present reality in Kenya is that a growing number of individuals with acute illnesses and injuries seek medical attention at healthcare facilities across the country on a daily basis.

Dr Benjamin Wachira, a Kenyan doctor, witnessed numerous patient deaths during emergencies. Seeking a solution, he studied Emergency Medicine in South Africa, where he experienced an efficient emergency healthcare system that saved many lives. Recognizing the need for improvement back home, Dr Wachira returned to Kenya in 2012 and became Kenya's first Emergency Physician based in the country. He established the Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation in 2015 with other local healthcare professionals to advocate for a greater emphasis on emergency medical care within the existing healthcare system. Their goal was to integrate emergency medical care seamlessly both inside and outside hospitals, ultimately working towards saving more lives.
The implementation of timely, accessible, and high-quality emergency medical care in Kenya will bring numerous advantages to the country. Firstly, it will instill public confidence by assuring individuals that they will receive adequate care during emergencies and that their well-being is valued as an integral part of society. Moreover, it guarantees improved long-term outcomes not only for the patients themselves but also for their families. From an economic perspective, investing in quality emergency medical care is a sound decision. When individuals receive timely and effective care during emergencies, they can swiftly return to their daily lives, contributing to the country's growth through their businesses, tax payments, service provision, and support for others. Additionally, by focusing on delivering quality emergency medical care, the healthcare system can prevent long-term complications, resulting in cost savings over time.

Theory Of Change

Where We Work

We work across all 47 Counties in Kenya​

Healthcare service delivery in Kenya is the responsibility of the country’s 47 County Governments, while the National Government focuses on policy-making and regulatory functions. To ensure lifesaving emergency medical care for the over 50 million people in Kenya,  EMKF proactively engages with both tiers of government to strengthen the emergency healthcare system, which encompasses 47 public ambulance services and 216 public emergency departments.

Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation

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Strengthening emergency healthcare systems in Kenya to save lives.