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Emergency Care Updates

Emergency Care

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The @uOttawaMed PoCUS Infographic Project is a bilingual student-led initiative to highlight the key elements of a variety of scans, including important steps and findings.  

Check out their great work!

You can find helpful information about treating a child with Covid-19 in our Pediatric Covid-19 Fact Sheet. The TREKK website has multiple resources about Covid-19 and all of them can be found on our website.

Check out the Fact Sheet here |

#Ketofol is popular as procedural #sedation, and that mixture of #ketamine and #propofol is usually given in a single syringe, but @M_Lin advises using separate syringes for each drug. #FOAMed

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A living WHO guideline on drugs for COVID-19
This living guideline responds to emerging evidence from randomised controlled trials (RCTs) on existing and new drug treatments for covid-19. More than 2800 trials on covid-19 interventions have been registered or are ongoing. Among these are large national and international platform trials (such as RECOVERY, WHO SOLIDARITY, and DISCOVERY) that recruit large numbers of patients, with a pragmatic and adaptive design. These platform trials are currently investigating and reporting on drugs such as antiviral monoclonal antibodies and immunomodulators. This rapidly evolving evidence landscape requires trustworthy interpretation and expeditious clinical practice guidelines to inform clinicians, patients, governments, ministries, and health administrators.
 Non-ischemic (high-flow)Ischemic (low-flow)
Physical ExamTypically painless, not fully tumescentPainful, fully tumescent with corpus cavernosa rigidity without involvement of corpus spongiosum and glans penis
AetiologyHigh-flow priapism is extremely rare and most commonly associated with antecedent trauma including blunt trauma, or resulting from needle injury of the cavernosal artery.Low-flow priapism is caused by impaired relaxation and/or paralysis of cavernosal smooth muscle and in sickle-cell disease
ManagementNOT EmergencyEmergency
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