Trauma in the 3rd Trimester

Trauma in the 3rd Trimestre

  • Any resuscitative efforts geared toward optimizing the medical management of the pregnant mother will optimize the fetal well-being.
  • Provide high oxygen flow to compensate for the pregnancy-based predisposition toward hypoxia.
  • Aggressive IV fluids administration, since blood pressure and pulse are not a reliable indicator of impending cardiovascular collapse during pregnancy.
  • Avoid having the gravid uterus compressing the inferior vena cava with left-sided upward tilt, wedge displacement, or manual displacement.
  • Avoid femoral lines that could be impeded by a gravid uterus.
  • Administer prophylactic dose of Rhogam to all Rh-negative mothers with abdominal trauma.
  • Peri-mortem C-section should be considered within 5 minutes of witnessed cardiac arrest.

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