Post-Crash Emergency Care

With the majority of trauma deaths occurring at the scene of injury and often prior to the arrival of an ambulance, community members who will regularly be the first on-scene, have the ability to take simple, yet potentially life-saving actions until professional help arrives or is reached. 

The Injury Prevention and Safety Initiative (TIPSI©) by the Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) aims to ensure timely, accessible and quality lifesaving emergency care for crash survivors to avoid preventable death and disability and limit the severity of the injury and the suffering.

The utilisation of bystander training programs targeted at groups such as boda-boda riders and PSV drivers can assist in closing prehospital emergency care management gaps; while the creation of trauma centres institutes the first step in creating a trauma network to more efficiently address post-crash emergency care.

Our Activities

Post-Crash Care Training

Our post-crash care training program provides training for road users on the performance of immediate lifesaving interventions and the proper management of road traffic crash survivors that has the potential to save their lives or prevent permanent disability.


Accident Black Spots* & Public Trauma Centers in Kenya

The map below shows black spots or sections of roads with historically a high number of road traffic crashes in Kenya based on National Police Service Data and the nearest Public Emergency (Trauma) Centers based on our mapping project (PROJECT 47).

*Based on the Northern Corridor and Nairobi Route Hazard Mapping – Driver’s Handbook – Developed by Safe Way Right Way and National Transport and Safety Authority [CLICK HERE] 

Awareness of these dedicated Public Trauma Centres will allow victims of road traffic crashes and other trauma-related injuries to be taken directly to the public facility best equipped to give them the highest standard of care and reduce care delays which could lead to death or permanent disability.


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