Dizziness…the good and the ugly…

The differential diagnosis of vertigo can be broken into peripheral and central causes. It is imperative the Emergency Physician consider central causes of vertigo. Signs/ Symptoms Differentiating Peripheral and Central Vertigo   Peripheral Central Onset Sudden or Insidious Sudden Severity of Vertigo Intense Spinning Ill-defined, may be severe or less intense Prodromal Dizziness Occurs in […]

Head CT is poor screening tool for ED

“Our results suggest that most patients presenting with syncope or dizziness to the emergency department may not benefit from head CT unless they are older, have a focal neurologic deficit, or have a history of recent head trauma,”

Epley’s Maneuver

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is the likely cause in patients reporting brief recurrent attacks of dizziness triggered by changes in head position. It is important to recognize this cause because it can be readily treated at the bedside and because identification of the key features is the most effective way to exclude a central […]

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