Thoraco-Lumbar X-ray Interpretation

Check it’s an adequate view Know your anatomy Check the alignment Look for loss of vertebral height Look for widened inter-spinous or inter-pedicle distance and check the processes Check for translation/rotation or distraction Know the common types of fractures

Spinal Immobilization in Trauma Patients – The Facts

There is no high-level evidence that prehospital spinal immobilization positively impacts patient-oriented outcomes Spinal Immobilization Does NOT Help Immobilize the Cervical Spine Spinal Immobilization Does NOT Decrease Rates of Spinal Cord Injury Spinal Immobilization Increases the Difficulty of Airway Management Spinal Immobilization Can Cause Pressure Ulcers Spinal Immobilization Changes the Physical Exam Spinal Immobilization Worsens […]

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