Septic Arthritis

Kocher’s Criteria Predictors associated with risk of Septic Arthritis Fever Non-weight-bearing ESR = 40 or more Serum WBC = 12,000 or more Probability of Septic Arthritis based on number of Predictors 0 Predictors – <0.2 % 1 Predictor – 3.0% 2 Predictors – 40.0% 3 Predictors – 93.1% 4 Predictors – 99.6% Use this information […]

Septic Arthritis and Arthrocentesis Landmarks

SYNOVIAL FLUID ANALYSIS sWBC > 50,000 – essentially rules IN septic arthritis sWBC < 50,000 – unhelpful for clinical diagnosis Gram Stain: useful when positive, unhelpful when negative Culture: not available when we need it in the ED Lactate >10 – essentially rules IN septic arthritis READ MORE

Acute gouty arthritis treatment pearls

NSAIDs, if contraindications then topical still great for single joint Colchicine (1.8mg a day) at a low dose, can be used chronically. Remember SEs (sepsis, home marrow suppression. Mostly D&V) Steroids

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