5/2/1 – 50! Dextrose volume for hypoglycemia

There is a quick memory aid that will help you remember how much dextrose to give to patients with hypoglycemia. It is commonly known as the 5/2/1 rule, or the rule of 50. D10 5 mL/kg D25 2 mL/kg D50 1 mL/kg Note that all three, when multiplied, equal 50 (e.g. 5ml/kg x 10 = […]

Ventricular Fibrillation

What ventricular fibrillation looks like…the ONLY treatment for this is Defibrillation. No amount of Chest Compressions will revert this to a Sinus Rhythm. Chest Compressions only maintain perfusion until you Defibrillate.  

C-Spine immobilization with C-Collars is a waste of time, harmful and expensive…

Myth: Additional movement of the spine in a patient with a spinal injury would actually worsen the condition or result in a secondary injury. There are really no data to support this. The natural responses of the body to a serious injury actually provide somewhat of a de facto splint. With C-spine injuries, the muscles […]

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