Retropharyngeal Abscess

What is the differential for a sore throat? What would make you consider retropharyngeal abscess? What are the upper airway signs that signify an impaired airway (and the need to intubate)? How do you diagnose retropharyngeal abscess?  What is the management of a retropharyngeal abscess?   

Peritonsillar abscess aspiration technique

Build a kit similar to the butterfly phlebotomy setup (above drawing). Attach IV extension tubing to the spinal needle. Attach the other end of the IV tubing to the syringe. Ask the assistant to apply negative pressure on the syringe once you have penetrated the oral mucosal surface. Now you can focus on just directing […]

Owning the Quinsy (Peritonsillar abscess)

‘Good’ symptoms for quinsy include: ‘Thick’ or ‘hot potato’ voice (not hoarse, croaky voice) Stertor Trismus Inability to swallow more than saliva or a sip or water Pain much worse on one side than the other (+/- otalgia) To differentiate it from tonsillitis, a quinsy will have many of the following signs: There is usually […]

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