Caring for the Dead

Lay the body supine and straighten their limbs (unless this is not possible). Remove any clothing from the body and pack personal possessions. Clean the body. Pay particular attention to the face and hands. Body bag (optional): During the cleaning process, I like to log roll the deceased and place an opened body bag under […]

Evidence-Based Nursing or Rubbish?

Patients experiencing hypotension and shock should be placed in Trendelenburg position to improve blood flow to the heart and brain. True or False? Auscultating the abdomen while injecting air through a gastric feeding tube is a reliable way to ensure proper tube placement. True or False? To reduce aspiration risk, healthy preoperative adults who are undergoing […]

Don’t Rush to Crash: Rules of crashing medication for patients

Administer each medication separately. Do NOT mix different medications together into one preparation as chemical incompatibilities may occur. Use water at room temperature. Warm or hot water may affect the medication. Equipment (e.g. motor and pestle) MUST be thoroughly washed and dried between patients.

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