System Action Airway Intubate → Ventilation tidal volume @ 6-8 mL/kg Place OG or NG tube Confirm endotracheal and OG/NG tube placement with chest x-ray Breathing SpO2 goal >94% → adjust PEEP & FiO2 to achieve goal EtCO2 goal 30-40 mmHg → adjust respiratory rate to achieve Circulation 12-lead ECG → Activate cardiac catheterization lab […]

ILCOR 2015 – Paediatric summary

ILCOR 2015 – paediatric summary Paediatric rapid response/medical emergency teams should be implemented in hospitals caring for children We should consider using less volume when treating patients in shock, especially if febrile without overt signs of shock – the key is to reassess frequently Rescue breaths should always be provided first if able After ROSC […]

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