Ketamine and Rocuronium…for that critically ill intubation

Ultimately, the ketamine and rocuronium combination has equal efficacy and a superior safety profile in comparison to etomidate and succinylcholine. Ketamine and rocuronium should become the first-line choices for RSI in critically ill patients.

Intubating the critically ill patient…

What is the safest way to intubate a hypotensive patient? Which patients are at risk for peri-intubation hypotension and cardiac arrest? What other special circumstances should be considered in intubating critically ill patients? Read more

4 more big airways pearls from the Crash Airway Course…

Positioning Ear to Sternal Notch Ramped up positioning… External Laryngeal Manipulation Head Lift Make some space for yourself insert the laryngoscope like we insert the OPA ask your assistant to pull the cheek on one side while you are inserting the laryngoscope inside the oral cavity. The ET Tube – A major pitfall while inserting […]

Delayed Sequence Intubation

The laryngoscope as a murder weapon: You know about Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI) but did you know about Delayed Sequence Intubation (DSI)? [wpvideo vBNJtZaq]

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