Emergency Ventilation

BMV is always a 2 person procedure (regardless of technique used) – Skilled person holds the mask and anyone else can provide the breaths + Consider the 2 thumbs down technique for BMV instead of the CE clamp. And Believe it or Not – Learning BMV is more important than mastering Laryngoscopy !!

Management of the trauma patient’s airway – pearls and pitfalls

How Do I Adequately Assess the Airway? The LEMON mnemonic is one of the most commonly utilized airway assessment tools, and is recommended by the most recent Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) guidelines. Which Trauma Patients Should I Intubate? Airway protection Oxygenation Ventilation Preoperative management (i.e. patients with painful injuries or undergoing painful procedures before […]

My favourite position always works…

Positioning is FREE!  Our goal is to maximize first-pass success with intubation, and not settle for mere success after multiple attempts.  Achieving proper position is easy…just do whatever it takes line up the ear hole with either the front of the shoulder or the jugular notch. Proper positioning is absolutely guaranteed to improve your intubation […]

Heroic Medical Measures in the Crashing Asthmatic

Pre-oxygenate your patient with high flow nasal cannula at 20 – 30 LPM Next consider using IM Epinephrine 0.3 – 0.5mg of 1:1000. Severe asthmatics will have a hard time getting inhaled beta agonists into the small airways, but parenteral epinephrine will get into the circulation and get to where it needs to provide support. […]

How to choose the right blade to intubate a child

The distance from the upper incisor teeth to the angle of the jaw seems to be an excellent clinical landmark for laryngoscope blade length selection for pediatric intubations. When the blade (excluding the handle insertion block) is placed at the upper midline incisor teeth and the tip is located within 1 cm proximal or distal […]

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