Olecranon Fractures

Unstable fractures require emergent orthopedic consultation for operative fixation. Apply splint at 50-90% flexion and analgesia. Intravenous antibiotics for open or suspected fractures. Stable, nondisplaced fractures with intact extensor function Immobilized in a long arm posterior splint with 90 degrees of flexion, neutral forearm Orthopedic follow-up within 1-2 days.

Paediatric Elbow Injuries

CRITOE gives us the order of ossification for the pediatric elbow – capitellum, radial head, internal epicondyle, trochlea, external epicondyle, and olecranon — typically occurring at year 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 – remember the order is the most important thing – all ossification centers should be accounted for.  Make sure one is […]

Forearm Fractures

Night stick Injuries Monteggia Fractures Galleazzi Fractures Add to Anti-Banner

Compartment Syndrome

Compartment syndrome is a life and limb threatening emergency that requires early recognition, prompt diagnosis and immediate management with fasciotomy While clinical evaluation is flawed, pain out of proportion to injury and pain with passive stretch of muscles within the compartment are the best screening tools. Do not wait for the development of pallor, absence […]

Supracondylar Fracture

Subtle radiographic findings Displaced Anterior Fat Pad (Sail Sign) Any Posterior Fat Pad Anterior Humeral Line not intersecting the middle third of the capitellum. Radiocapitellar line not interesting the middle third of the capitellum.

Lover fracture

A lover fracture, also known as Don Juan fracture, is a type of calcaneal fracture. They may be intra- or extra-articular. The name lover fracture is derived from the fact that a suitor may jump from great heights while trying to escape from the lover’s spouse. There is an important association between lover fractures and burst fractures of the lumbar spine.

Open Fractures

Prioritize ABCs and systematic evaluation of the trauma patient with an open fracture as one third of these patients have multiple injuries Assess neurovascular status and immediately reduce and immobilize if compromised Give appropriate antibiotics as soon as possible Consult orthopedics for operative management as soon as possible

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