Intimate Partner Violence

Universal Screening for Intimate Partner Violence Start with a normalizing statement “Because violence is so common in many women’s lives and because there’s help available for women being abused, I now ask every patient about domestic violence.” The Partner Violence Screen Have you been hit, kicked, slapped, punched or otherwise hurt by someone in the […]

Tranexamic Acid in PPH – WOMAN Trial

Death due to bleeding was significantly reduced in women given tranexamic acid (155 [1·5%] of 10 036 patients vs 191 [1·9%] of 9985 in the placebo group, risk ratio [RR] 0·81, 95% CI 0·65–1·00; p=0·045), especially in women given treatment within 3 h of giving birth (89 [1·2%] in the tranexamic acid group vs 127 [1·7%] […]

Acute PID

Diagnostic criteria; Minimum criteria for clinical diagnosis (one or more of the following minimum clinical criteria should be present) are as follows: Bilateral lower abdominal (uterine) tenderness (sometimes radiating to the legs) Cervical motion tenderness – Positive cervical motion tenderness is defined as increased discomfort from a normal pelvic examination, as stated by the patient. […]

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