Kenya Emergency Medical Care Policy 2020-2030

The Ministry of Health, today, launched the Kenya Emergency Medical Care (EMC) Policy 2020-2030 and the Kenya Emergency Medical Care Strategy 2020-2025, to promote healthcare among citizens in need of emergency treatment. The Kenya Emergency Medical Care (EMC) Policy 2020-2030 is the first-ever policy in Kenya that seeks to establish a working Emergency Medical Care (EMC) System as […]

What does the law say about emergency medical treatment in Kenya?

Medical institutions that fail to provide health care services necessary to prevent and manage the damaging health effects due to an emergency situation are culpable. Facilities that have systems that are inappropriately designed and invariably cause a patient deserving of emergency medical treatment not to receive such treatment, are also culpable. Hospitals that prioritize monetary […]

Welcome to the Tribe

First and foremost, welcome to Emergency Medicine. I am biased, but I truly feel we are the most interesting 15 minutes of every other speciality. I am about 30 years removed from my residency in EM. When I trained, 90% of the attendings had trained in another speciality and they were not a 24-hour presence. […]

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