Anatomy of the ET Tube

⏺ 15 mm connector – standardized on all airway equipment to avoid a situation where somebody had to look for the right adaptor ⏺ Pilot balloon – contains a spring-loaded one way valve to inflate the balloon. ⏺ One way valve – prevents the air from leaking out when the syringe is disconnected ⏺ Inflatable […]

Difficult Airway

MOANS – difficult BVM LEMON – difficult laryngoscopy The Two Minute Drill: How I Prep My Airways The Bloody Airway: The Trauma Airway and the GI bleeder The Obstructed Airway: Angioedema and Deep Space Infections

Inhalational Injury

Classically, the diagnosis of inhalation injury was subjective and made on the basis of clinical findings. Pertinent information includes exposure to flame, smoke, or chemicals (industrial and household), duration of exposure, exposure in an enclosed space, and loss of consciousness or disability. Pertinent physical exam findings include facial burns, singed facial or nasal hair, soot […]

Which tongue lacerations do I need to repair?

You should repair those that cause problems with breathing, speech and/or gustation/swallowing: Bisect the tongue extending through the free edge – creating the “snake” look Have large mobile flaps or U-shaped defects (>1-2cm) Won’t stop bleeding Are avulsion or amputation injuries – which may require a surgeon (ENT, OMFS etc.) if complex.

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