WITCHDOCTOR ALERT: Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) Myths

Myth #1: We should get ABGs instead of VBGs in DKA…Busted: VBG can be used in place of ABGs Myth #2: After Intravenous Fluids (IVF), Insulin is the Next Step…Busted: After starting IVF, the next step in DKA management is electrolyte replacement, NOT Insulin. Myth #3: Once pH <7.1, Patients Need Bicarbonate Therapy…Busted: Intravenous bicarbonate […]

Myths in DKA Management

  Myths in DKA Management: The urban legends end here VBG as good as ABG for diagnosis and treatment Aggressively replete potassium prior to starting insulin Bicarbonate is unnecessary in DKA treatment and potentially harmful A bolus of insulin is unnecessary in DKA treatment and potentially harmful  

Lipid-Modifying Therapy: A New Paradigm

For all those who love ordering lipid profiles…PLEASE STOP!!!! This is the latest evidence on statin therapy and risk for 10-year risk for first atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease events (ASCVD; nonfatal myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease

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