Dermatological Emergencies

Key concepts You have to be able to describe the lesion(s) to diagnosis and manage it Key steps: accurate history, physical examination, including lesions and distribution, and appropriate diagnostic tests. Incision and drainage may be adequate therapy for simple abscesses**. Tinea capitis requires 4 to 8 weeks of systemic antifungal treatment. Onychomycosis requires long-term systemic […]

A B C Diaper Dermatitis E…

The ABCDEs of Diaper Dermatitis Management [Klunk, 2014] Air Take the diaper off! Barrier First line therapies are typically non-medicated barrier creams. Using simple petroleum product (ex, Vasoline) on top of the cream to prevent the barrier cream from sticking to the diaper. Cleansing Important to keep the area clean, but to use soaps with near-physiology […]

Neonatal Dermatology

The Benign Conditions Erythema toxicum Transient neonatal pustular melanosis Mongolian spot Cutis marmorata Congenital nevomelanocytic nevi Acrocyanosis Haemangioma Salmon patch/stork bite Port wine stain Neonatal acne Milia Epstein pearls Miliaria Rashes you shouldn’t ignore Epidermolysis bullosa Congenital syphillis Congenital rubella Herpes simplex Neonatal varicella Aplasia cutis congenita Neonatal lupus erythematosus Incontinentia pigmenti  

Eczema Management

A good emollient used twice per day should be recommended even in the absence of a current flare. Creams and emollients should be low in pH. As a general rule creams with no added plant or food substances should be recommend  A class three steroid, like Advantan or Elocon (both have very good safety data) […]

Paediatric Rash Steps

Sick or Not Sick Evidence of Badness? Look at the Mucous Membranes Again! Look for “Common Pediatric Rashes” Admit You Aren’t Sure

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