Hands-Only CPR – Videos

If you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, hands-only CPR is the recommended form of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It not only increases the likelihood of surviving breathing and cardiac emergencies that occur outside of medical settings, but it’s simple to learn and easy to remember. Click ≡ to see all the videos in the series On […]

11 out of 100 people will survive dying…

Kenyan studies show you have an 11% chance of surviving to hospital discharge if you have an in-hospital cardiac arrest…but you need excellent emergency and intensive care  

Good chest compressions during CPR does lead to significant injuries.

A brief accounting of the injuries from CPR from this study show: Multiple rib fractures: 57.3% Sternal fractures: 54.2% Intrathoracic bleeding: 36.1% Cardiac injuries: 7.2% Liver injuries: 3.6% Luckily none of these injuries were judged to have contributed to the cause of death.

AHA 2015 Guidelines: A Preview

On October 15, the new American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECG will be published. Then we will get the answers to the big questions many of us have wondered about? Has epinephrine in cardiac arrest seen its last days? Should paramedics continue to intubate cardiac arrest patients? Will traditional CPR be abandoned for […]

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