How to Tell a Mother Her Child Is Dead

“Mrs. Njoroge. I have terrible, terrible news. Naomi died today.” You say it out loud until you can say it clearly and loudly. How loudly? Loudly enough.

Breaking Bad

In the room… Sit down. Introduce yourself and anyone you have with you (a nurse is usually best) Establish who is in the room (just in case you’re about to break bad news to the wrong family) Foreshadow that you have bad news, “I am afraid I have very bad news”, and then get to […]

How To Break Bad News (Remember SPIKES)

S = Set up for the interview Prepare yourself: familiarize with the patients background, medical info and anticipate some likely questions Environment: arrange for privacy, minimize interruptions and time-constraints… Establish a connection with the patient/relatives; Involve patients/relatives family, nurses etc. Ensure you are talking to the right patient/relatives  P = Assessing the patients Perceptions How […]

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