Approach to Chest Pain

Clinical factors that INCREASE likelihood of ACS/AMI: CP radiating bilaterally > right > left Diaphoresis associated with CP N/V associated with CP Pain with exertion

NSAIDS increase risk of Heart Attacks

A cohort of 446 763 individuals including 61 460 with acute myocardial infarction was acquired. Taking any dose of NSAIDs for one week, one month or more than a month was associated with an increased risk of myocardial infarction. With use for one to seven days, the probability of increased myocardial infarction risk (posterior probability […]

STEMI Equivalents

Isolated Posterior Myocardial Infarction. Isolated ST-Depression in AVL Hyperacute T-waves (HATWs) De Winter Pattern ST Elevation (STE) in AVR Presumed New Left Bundle Branch Block

A Woman’s Heart Attack

  While men generally exhibit the typical symptoms of chest pressure and pain, women generally exhibit symptoms that are not well-known, leading them to delay seeking treatment. Women who are having a heart attack often feel pain in areas outside the chest, including the jaw, neck, abdomen, legs, and arms. Severe fatigue, sweating, or shortness […]

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