Strengthening Emergency Healthcare Services at Meru Teaching & Referral Hospital Emergency Department

As part of our ongoing partnership with Dharura Global Emergency Care, we are thrilled to partner with the Department of Health Services – Meru County. Together, we are dedicated to enhancing the emergency healthcare services at the Meru Teaching & Referral Hospital Emergency Department (ED). This collaboration aims to upskill the existing healthcare providers by providing comprehensive training through our Triage and The Emergency Care Course (TECC) programs.

Our partnership is focused on achieving the following key objectives:

  1. Upskilling the Healthcare Workers: Through our Triage and The Emergency Care Course (TECC) programs, we aim to equip nurses, clinical officers, and doctors working in the emergency department with the necessary knowledge and skills to respond confidently to emergency situations. This training will enable them to deliver safe and effective emergency medical care, ultimately improving patient outcomes.
  2. Improving Emergency Response Capabilities: By enhancing the competencies of the healthcare staff, we strive to create a more efficient and responsive emergency department at Meru Teaching & Referral Hospital. This improvement will ensure that critical patients receive the appropriate care promptly.
  3. Providing Evidence-Based Care: Our training programs emphasize the importance of evidence-based practices in emergency medical care. By adhering to these standards, we aim to elevate the quality of care provided and ensure that all interventions are based on the best available evidence.
  4. Strengthening the Healthcare System: This partnership is vital to building a robust emergency healthcare system in Meru County. Investing in the training and development of healthcare workers contributes to emergency healthcare services’ long-term sustainability and resilience.
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