EMKF in the Counties – September 2023

September marked an incredible milestone for us as we dedicated substantial time in Marsabit County, working diligently to strengthen their emergency medical services. For those unfamiliar, Marsabit County is situated in the northernmost part of Kenya, sharing an international boundary with Ethiopia to the north and bordered by Turkana County to the west, Samburu County to the south, and Wajir and Isiolo counties to the east. This region, like many others in Kenya, confronts formidable healthcare challenges, primarily owing to its remote and arid environment.

We are excited to have conducted Triage training in three key public emergency care centres within the county: Moyale Sub-County Hospital, Marsabit County Referral Hospital, and Laisamis Sub-County Hospital and ECG training in Marsabit County Referral Hospital. Additionally, as part of our commitment to enhancing emergency healthcare, we also donated Vital Sign Monitors and an ECG machine to these emergency departments respectively. This accomplishment fills us with immense excitement as we actively work towards ensuring that every corner of our country, regardless of its geographical challenges, has unfettered access to high-quality emergency medical care.

Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation