EMKF in the Counties – August 2023

Devolution Conference 2023

EMKF participated in the recently concluded Devolution Conference, where we had the privilege to connect with leaders representing different County Governments. During these interactions, we shared insights into our ongoing initiatives and our progress thus far. We also explored collaborative strategies to work towards establishing a unified Emergency Healthcare System in Kenya. This vision aims to seamlessly integrate the individual emergency healthcare systems of all 47 counties, ultimately working as a cohesive whole to save lives.

Lamu County Emergency Medical Care Policy Launch

The Governor of Lamu County formally unveiled the Lamu County Emergency Medical Care Plan, a collaborative initiative between the County Government, Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) and Malteser International (MI) with support from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Additionally, the launch event celebrated the introduction of the Emergency Response and Referral Unit, a significant milestone that promises to bolster the county’s emergency healthcare system, ultimately resulting in saved lives.

Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation