Procedural Sedation Errors

Procedural Sedation Errors

Error #1: Delaying deep sedation until fasting times are met

Error #2: Believing PSA carries less risk than endotracheal intubation

Error #3: Minimizing risk of airway and breathing complications while using ketamine

Error #4: Not having full intubation setup nearby

Error #5: Responding to hypoventilation or apnea with early and/or aggressive use of the bag-valve mask (BVM)

Error #6: If the oxygen saturation is ok, then the patient is breathing ok

Error #7: Withholding ketamine sedation on adults

Error #8: Adding an opioid with ketamine for sedation

Error #9: Using the same dosing strategy for propofol sedations as with fentanyl/midazolam

Error #10: Using the same PSA dosing strategy for the elderly


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