Point of Care Ultrasound #POCUS


Proficiency in basic Point of Care Ultrasound #POCUS in clinical practice is an essential skill for healthcare providers involved in the acute and routine care of adults and children.  Kenya has a limited number of radiologists and many healthcare facilities lack basic imaging modalities leading to delayed diagnoses and potentially increased morbidity and mortality. Point of Care Ultrasonography in the hands of a trained healthcare provider has been shown to augment the health care providers’ ability to assess and manage critically ill or injured patients and to increase the healthcare providers’ confidence in the diagnosis and initial management.

The Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) has teamed up with The DAK Foundation, Rotary Australia World Community Service, Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK) and The PURE Initiative since 2013 to provide portable ultrasound machines to rural healthcare facilities across Kenya and provide the appropriate training and practical experience for the health care providers working at these facilities to perform and interpret basic POC US examinations.



So far we’ve held 7 trainings, enrolled 127 trainees, graduated 24, and provided machines to 50 rural and urban health care facilities (CLICK HERE TO SEE MAP) who previously had no ultrasound imaging available.  Collectively we have a winning team and are making a difference in Kenya’s emergency healthcare!


The Team

Greg Bell is a doctor at the University of Iowa where he heads up the emergency medicine residency point-of-care ultrasound training.  He has a passion of global health development.




Grace Waruchu Wanjiku is a Yale-based Kenyan Emergency Medicine Physician interested in enhancing Emergency Medicine education with a focus on point-of-care ultrasound and acute trauma management.



 Conditions for Ultrasound Donation

  1. The equipment is a gift and is to be used solely for the benefit of disadvantaged people in Kenya
  2. No additional patient charge will be made for services provided by the equipment beyond necessary to meet the running costs of the machine;
  3. The organization must nominate at least 2 health care providers for the 1-day training in Point of Care Ultrasonography. These providers must be the ones who will be doing the scanning for the facility and will be accountable for the equipment. ONLY THOSE FACILITIES WHO’S STAFF HAS PASSED THE ABOVE TRAINING WILL RECEIVE THE POINT OF CARE ULTRASOUND MACHINE.
  4. Receipt of the unit will be acknowledged, as will the commissioning of the unit and, if possible, a photograph supplied of the commissioning;
  5. Regular reports will be provided, including one after six months on how the unit has been used including photos of the unit in use;
  6. Only Public and Not-for-Profit facilities qualify

Download the Application Form below. The Application Form must be signed and stamped by the hospital administrator.







The Training


The Manual