Point of Care Ultrasonography

#POCUS in clinical practice is an essential skill for healthcare providers involved in the acute and routine care of adults and children. 


Public Emergency Departments (ED)

Equipped with Ultrasound Machines
Trained in POCUS
Emergency Healthcare Providers Trained

Kenya has a limited number of radiologists and many healthcare facilities lack basic imaging modalities leading to delayed diagnoses and potentially increased morbidity and mortality. Point of Care Ultrasonography in the hands of a trained healthcare provider has been shown to augment the health care providers’ ability to assess and manage critically ill or injured patients and to increase the healthcare providers’ confidence in the diagnosis and initial management.

Since 2013, we have teamed up with The DAK FoundationRotary Australia World Community ServiceChristian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK) and The PURE Initiative to provide portable ultrasound machines to rural public emergency departments across Kenya and provide the appropriate training and practical experience for the healthcare providers working at these departments to perform and interpret Basic POCUS examinations.

Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation

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