Acute PID

Diagnostic criteria;

Minimum criteria for clinical diagnosis (one or more of the following minimum clinical criteria should be present) are as follows:

  1. Bilateral lower abdominal (uterine) tenderness (sometimes radiating to the legs)
  2. Cervical motion tenderness – Positive cervical motion tenderness is defined as increased discomfort from a normal pelvic examination, as stated by the patient. Of note, cervical motion tenderness is neither sensitive nor specific for gynaecologic pathology, is a sign of nonspecific peritoneal inflammation,
  3. Bilateral adnexal tenderness (with or without a palpable mass)

One or more of the following additional criteria can be used to enhance the specificity of the minimum criteria and support a diagnosis of PID:

  • oral temperature >101° F (>38.3° C);
  • abnormal cervical or vaginal mucopurulent discharge;
  • presence of abundant numbers of WBC on saline microscopy of vaginal fluid;
  • elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate;
  • elevated C-reactive protein; and
  • laboratory documentation of cervical infection with N. gonorrhoeae or C. trachomatis.

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