How to call a consult


5 C’s Model of Calling a Consult

Contact – Introduce yourself and confirm who you are speaking to e.g. ‘This is Dr. Njoroge, I am calling you from the Emergency Department. Dr Odhiambo we have you listed as our on call surgeon today, is this correct?’

Communicate – Give a concise complete story, ideally a one sentence delivery to ‘hook’ the listener e.g.We have a 23 year old patient, Mr. Mumo, with a diagnosis of an acute appendicitis confirmed on CT.

Core question –  Have a specific question or request of the consultant (why you called them) e.g. can we admit the patient to the ward?

Collaboration – Is there anything else you can do for the patient e.g. order additional labs

Closing the loop – Ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding the plan and maintain proper communication about any change in the patients status.


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