Has your patient swallowed JIK or other corrosive substance lately?


  1. Panic (Doesn’t help the patient)
  2. Induce Emesis (risk of mucosal injury and perforation)
  3. Insert NG Tube (may cause esophageal perforation and increase the risk of aspiration)
  4. Do Lavage (risk of damage to oesophagus and aspiration)
  5. Try to neutralise the substance (risk of heat production resulting from this exothermic reaction
  6. Administer systemic steroids

You could instead:

  1. Pay special attention to the Airway/Oxygenation
  2. IV Fluids
  3. Add PPIs (reduce exposure of injured esophagus to gastric acid, which may result in decreased stricture formation.)
  4. Antibiotics if there is evidence of perforation
  5. Don’t forget to add pain relief
  6. Keep Nil by Mouth

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