The ECG Program

The ECG program provides facilities with an ECG Machine and trains the clinicians in these facilities on how to use them and interpret ECGs. Our commitment to improving emergency care across Kenya through education and research has led to increased access to ECGs and the science of ECG interpretation, especially in rural settings.

Apply for an ECG Machine for your Facility

ECG MachineECG SpecificationsThe SE-1 Single Channel ECG weighs around 4.5kg, including all the accessories.

Conditions for ECG Donation

  1. The equipment is a gift and is to be used solely for the benefit of disadvantaged people in Kenya
  2. No additional patient charge will be made for services provided by the equipment beyond necessary to meet the running costs of the machine;
  3. The organization MUST HAVE A PHYSICIAN who will assist in the interpretation of the ECGs and patient management
  4. Receipt of the unit will be acknowledged, as will the commissioning of the unit and, if possible, a photograph supplied of the commissioning;
  5. Regular reports will be provided, including one after six months on how the unit has been used including photos of the unit in use;
  6. Only Public and Not-for-Profit facilities qualify

Download the Application Form below. The Application Form must be signed and stamped by the hospital administrator.


















The Basic ECG Course Presentation








The Basic ECG Course Practice ECGs