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The Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation is the most comprehensive source for answers regarding emergency medical care in Kenya. With knowledge and expertise gathered working exclusively on understanding emergency medical care in Kenya, our team and strategic partners will work with you to create high-quality, efficient emergency medical care systems and emergency medical care training programs. Our project team members are emergency care doctors, nurses, prehospital care providers and administrators who understand the daily challenges of operating cost-efficient, patient-focused emergency medical care services in a variety of settings. 

We provide consulting services on all the components of the Emergency Care System Framework as defined by the WHO

Emergency Care Training

EMKF Training programs are designed by local emergency care experts to enable the health workforce to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to respond with confidence to emergency situations and to deliver safe, evidence-based quality emergency care in any setting. Our programs encourage candidates to apply the knowledge and skills learnt within the context of the policies of the employing health service and within each individual’s own scope of practice. The programs are designed to meet the learning needs of health workforce working in emergency care settings (Community Health Workers (CHWs/CHVs), Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), Nurses, Clinical Officers and Medical Officers) who may be required to provide emergency care to the critically ill or injured patient.

Emergency Department [ED] Solutions

With years of experience advising and guiding our partners in both the public and private sectors across a diverse range of geographic, socio-economic, and cultural settings, we understand the complexities of adapting evidence-based emergency medical care best practices to local circumstances in order to optimize emergency department outcomes.

Our consulting solutions include:

  • ED Operations Improvement
  • Emergency Medical Care Education
  • ED Nursing 
  • ED Informatics Solutions
  • ED Facility Design and Layout
  • ED Cost Reduction Solutions
  • ED Leadership
  • Disaster Planning
  • ED Assessments

Emergency Medical Services [EMS]

As the importance of delivering high-quality emergency medical care at affordable costs increases, leaders must examine the entire patient care process, including prehospital care.

Our project team will analyze every step of the prehospital process and implement best practices in relation to:

  • Developing comprehensive medical control programs;
  • Assessing prehospital systems and procedures;
  • Developing CME programs for paramedics and EMTs.

Disaster Management & Emergency Preparedness

Despite the increased frequency of major disasters in Kenya, our healthcare systems remain unprepared to handle mass casualties from an emergency medical care standpoint.  This under preparedness often leads to an inadequate allocation of resources to meet the emergency medical care challenges of a disaster.  The key to a successful mass casualty plan is ensuring that every member of your emergency medical care system is properly trained and responsive in a disaster scenario.  

Our team can help you:

  • Create and implement guidelines and metrics for mass casualty incidents (disasters);
  • Train your staff in effective practices and response time;
  • Efficiently allocate your resources and supplies.