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Nairobi National Park

The trip starts at 06:30hrs from your hotel and proceeds to the Nairobi National park which is only a few kilometres from the city centre. Of the big five, only the elephant is absent. The Nairobi National Park is only 7km from Nairobi city centre. The small park (113sq. km) contains all the major animal species with the exception of the Elephant. The sight of wildlife grazing majestically against the backdrop of the city skyline is a pleasant experience. @ KES 5,000 (USD$ 50)


Nairobi Animal Orphanage

The Nairobi Animal Orphanage is the oldest animal orphanage in Kenya and set in Nairobi National Park with lush vegetation contrasting against the red dust and clay of the soil. Established in 1964 as a refuge and rehabilitation centre for wild animals found abandoned or injured throughout Kenya, the unique facility records over 200,000 thousand visitors every year. Animals received at the facility, undergo a thorough medical examination, followed by treatment where that is called for, before entering into an appropriate feeding and rehabilitation program. This important educational and training facility, which is housed, in the only wildlife protected area in a capital city in the world, is often home to more than 20 different animals and bird species. @ KES 2,500 (USD$ 25)


The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

David Sheldrick embraces all measures that complement the conservation, preservation and protection of wildlife. These include anti-poaching, safeguarding the natural environment, enhancing community awareness, addressing animal welfare issues, providing veterinary assistance to animals in need, rescuing and hand rearing elephant and rhino orphans, along with other species that can ultimately enjoy a quality of life in wild terms when grown. @ KES 1,000 (USD$ 10)


The Giraffe Centre

At the giraffe center museum you can enjoy the scenic view and giraffe as you observe the different species of giraffe such as the reticulated and Rothschild giraffes. @KES 2,500 (USD$ 25) 


Karen Blixen Museum

The Karen Blixen Museum was built in 1912 by Swedish Engineer Ake Sjogren. Karen and her husband bought the Museum house in 1917 and it became the farmhouse for their 4500-acre farm, of which 600 acres was used for coffee farming. Their marriage failed after eight years and in 1921 the Baron moved on and left the running of the farm to Karen. Karen lived at the house until her return to Denmark in 1931. The house farm was bought by Remy Marin, who broke the land into 20-acre parcels for development. Subsequent development created the present suburb of Karen. Records indicate that a Lt. Col.G. Lloyd, an officer of the British Army bought the house in 1935 and lived there until his death in 1954 when it passed to his daughters, Mrs G. Roberts and Lavender Llyod.  A transfer of title to Mrs J.P Robson and Mrs L.B. Hyde is in City Hall records in 1956.  The house was sporadically occupied until purchased in 1964 by the Danish government and given to the Kenyan government as an independence gift. The government set up a college of nutrition and the Museum was initially used as the principal’s house. In 1985 the shooting of a movie based on Karen’s autobiography began and the National Museums of Kenya expressed acquired the house for the purpose of establishing a Museum. The Museum was opened in 1986. @ KES 2,500 (USD$ 25)


The Carnivore

Enjoy lunch or dinner at the carnivore which is the ultimate ‘beast of a feast’ where a variety of meats including ostrich, crocodile and camel, are roasted over charcoal and carved at your table. Delicious side dishes and an exceptional array of sauces complement this fixed price feast that also includes soup, a selection of desserts and Kenyan coffee. Set in attractive tropical gardens, the service and the décor are outstanding. @ KES 3,000 (USD$ 30)


Nairobi Maasai Market Tour

The Maasai Market is a modern display of an indigenous people’s culture. It sells African artefacts and has become a convergence zone for various kinds of people, including tourists, in search of ‘authentic’ African souvenirs. The colourful Masai markets sell mainly tourist fare ranging from wooden sculptures, beaded necklaces, batik wall hangings, shoes, soap stone carvings, sisal bags, kikois, textiles and a whole host of other exciting goods)




Half Day Nairobi City Tour (excl. transport charges)

(Nairobi National Park/Animal Orphanage/Giraffe Centre/David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust)

@KES 11,500 (USD$ 115)



Optional: Nairobi Nightlife Experience

Nairobi city transforms at sundown to become the ultimate partying hub, full of revellers bustling about, trying to find the perfect spot to while the night away.

Suggested Clubs: Brew Bistro; Havana Bar and Restaurant; Mercury Lounge; Klub House (K1); Bacchus Lounge; XS Millionaires Club; Sky Lux Lounge; Safari Park Cats Club



Transport costs for any of the above tours

Transport in a 4 seater saloon car:  @ KES 8,500 (USD 85) per day p/day

Transport in an 8 seater tour van: @ KES14,000 (USD 140)  per day  p/day

Transport in a 22 seater rosa bus: @ KES18,000 (USD 180) per day 



1-Day Nairobi City Tour (excl. transport charges)

(Nairobi National Park/Animal Orphanage/Giraffe Centre/David Sheldrick /Karen Blixen/Masai Market/Carnivore Lunch) 

@KES 16,500 (USD$ 165)



Kereita Forest Zip Lining Adventure

Highlights: Welcome to the longest zip tour in East Africa at over 2,200 metres takes you flying fast and high over Kereita Forest, offering unique views of the stunning landscape. Zip across mountain valleys at speeds of up to 60 km/h, skim the treetops, glide under giant forest canopies while enjoying an adrenaline rush like no other! With distant views of Mount Kenya and perhaps a glimpse of a Colobus monkey or elephant nearby, this is a zip tour like no other!

Built and operated to the highest international safety standards by Flying Fox, Asia’s leading zip tour operators, the tour encompasses 6 big zip lines, with short walks between each, offering ample opportunities to explore. Two of our instructors give you safety training and the chance to practice on a short, low zip line before you set off on the tour. Our instructors ensure your safety in every zip and point out interesting facts and features along the way – there’s always something to see at The Forest!

Why you’ll love this: You’re surrounded by lush green trees, a gorgeous dense forest, crisp mountain air, and bright sunshine… How about a whole lot of adrenaline too?


Rates (excl. Transport)

6 lines – @ Ksh 3,500 (USD 35) per adult

2 lines – @ Ksh 2,500 (USD 25) per adult

Duration: 2 hours

Total line length: 2,221 m.



Maximum client weight: 120 KGs.

Minimum client height: 1.4M (4 ft. 7 in.)



Dress comfortably, wear sports shoes and bring along some warm clothes and a raincoat – we’re in the mountains after all! Sunblock would help, as would a sun hat depending on the weather. No skirts, dresses, high heels or jewellery, please. Identification Card/Passport required/Water


Optional Activities

Archery: @ KES 1,000 (USD 10) p/p – 1 hour

Paint Ball: @ KES 1,500 (USD15) p/p – 1 hour

Cycling: @ KES 800 (USD 8) p/p – 1 hour

Guided Nature Walks: @ KES 300 (USD 3) p/p – 1 hour




1-Day Tour to Hell’s Gate National Park


Highlights: Hells Gate national park is famous for its natural hot geysers, eagle and vulture breeding grounds as well as activities by visitors in the park such as walking, cycling and rock climbing. There are also special locations to view such as Fischer’s’ Tower formerly a volcano’s plug, the central Tower and Njorowas Gorge. The Olkaria and Hobleys’ the 2 extinct volcanoes are worth a trip as natural steam vents rise from fissures in the volcanic rock. There is also game in this park which includes the buffalo, Masai Giraffe, eland, lion, leopard and cheetah. Over 100 species of birds have been recorded. Horse riding can also be arranged.

Depart from Nairobi early morning at 08:00 am for a journey south along the floor of the Great Rift valley with a 30 mins stop at the viewpoint where you can see all major attractions such as Mount Longonot and the escarpments.  Proceed to Naivasha Hell’s Gate national park, located between Lake Naivasha and Mt Longonot and Suswa volcanoes and it is an ideal venue for a weekend retreat far from the urban life of Nairobi.

This day trip takes you 90kms north-west of Nairobi to the floor of the Great Rift Valley. The park provides a variety of wildlife, unusual flora and many species of birds and is one of the only two Kenyan parks where climbing, walking and biking are allowed. Animals seen here include Bushbucks, Dik Dik, Gazelles, Gnus, Hartebeests, Impalas, Klipspringers, Buffaloes, Hyraxes, Zebras, Hyenas, Jackals, Mongooses, Baboons, Monkeys and Porcupines amongst other animals. The park has historically been an important home for the rare lammergeyer vultures. Over 103 species of birds have been recorded in this park, including vultures, Verreaux’s Eagles. Lunch will be provided at one of the lodges or Tented Camps around the lake and then optional boat rides at Lake Naivasha. Later in the afternoon drive back to Nairobi.

Total Package Cost

No. Of Persons

 Price (US$) per Person

01 220
02 160
04 130
06 120

Included in the above costs:

  • Transport and game drives by safari van with VHF radio communication and pop-up roof ideal for game viewing and photography.
  • Park entrance fees
  • Guided walk in the park.
  • English speaking professional driver guide and lunch.
  • Bottled drinking water

Excluded from the above costs:

  • Items of personal nature such as phone calls, faxes
  • Meals not specified
  • Gratuities/tips to driver guide,
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.
  • Also not included is optional boat ride at Lake Naivasha.



1-Day Tour to Mt. Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot Hiking/ Trekking Day Trip Safari to the top of the Great Rift Valley will give you the chance to experience the freedom and awesome wildness of East Africa.Mt Longonot is just less than 9100 feet above sea level with a tree filled interior and a lonesome steam vent to the northeast.

The Day Trip hiking Safari starts in the morning at 7 am from Nairobi and the drive takes approximately an hour. You start the assent at 6000 feet which is a slow gentle rise to the first peak. This gives you a chance to get your lungs and limbs freed up for the second section, which is the most awesome. At the end of each section, there is a rest point where you can prepare yourself for the next part of your journey.

You will have started early to avoid the heat of the Sun but by the time you reach the end of the second section you would have generated your own heat. This hike is not an easy hike but is achievable by people of average fitness.

Once you have finished the second section there is another rest bite of slightly less demanding terrain, before making the final climb on the fourth section. This again is a demanding section, though not as demanding as the second section.

As you heave yourself over the rim of the crater your reward is the awesome sight of Naivasha and the Great Rift Valley and you know that it was all worthwhile. Before making this climb you will need to acclimatize at 6000 feet. A ranger accompanies you on the hike.

He will act as a guide. As there are wild animals in the area he is armed. The whole tour is only about 8–9 km long but very steep so that the round trip of park gate – Longonot Peak – park gate takes around 5 hours hiking.

Total Package Cost

No. Of Persons

Price (USD) per Person
01 170
02 140
04 110
06 and above 80

 Included in the above costs:

  • Transport to and from Nairobi in an exclusive tour van
  • Entry park fee to the park
  • Professional English speaking guide/game ranger (Experts in the African wildlife)
  • Bottled Drinking Water

Excluded in the above costs:

  • Meals and drinks during the day
  • Personal insurance
  • Tips
  • Any other item not included above


  • Good pair of walking boots
  • Walking sticks-an adjustable sprung loaded stick is best
  • Camera, binoculars and sunscreen cream
  • Rucksack (large enough to carry consumables such as enough drinking water and snacks to eat during the climb)
  • Pair of woollen socks


  • This entire hike is over rough ground and some places have steep slopes and is not without danger
  • Don’t underestimate dehydration, drink enough water at the end of each section and as required
  • The ranger’s advice on all matter including your rate of progress should always be listened to





Mombasa Packages Overview (2- or 3-Day Packages)


The gateway to the coast of Kenya, Mombasa is one of the best travel destinations in Kenya. When Ibn Battuta visited Mombasa in the 14th century, it was a small commercial centre, which later on became one of the most important port cities along the East African Coast. Today Mombasa is the largest port in Kenya. Offering a vivacious mix of cultures, entertainment and architectures, Mombasa is an excellent destination for travellers to explore.