Marking its 4th edition, the EMKF Emergency Care Symposium, aptly named ‘Let’s Save Lives Conference,’ held from 2nd to 3rd November 2023 at the  Kenya School of Government  exceeded expectations, delivering a transformative experience highlighted by the introduction of our groundbreaking and innovative Emergency Medical Care Skills Marketplace

The marketplace revolutionized the approach to acquiring emergency medical care skills, offering participants simulated real-life emergency patient experiences. Attendees immersed themselves in hands-on training, gaining essential knowledge and skills crucial for effectively handling emergencies and saving lives.

Conference participants benefited from exclusive access to a supportive and conducive learning environment, fostering opportunities for networking and connecting with fellow healthcare professionals. The event provided a platform to interact with industry experts, explore valuable resources, and engage with state-of-the-art technologies in the emergency medical care field.

The Let’s Save Lives Conference proved to be an incredible opportunity for attendees to enhance their emergency medical care skills and make a meaningful impact in saving lives. Those who seized this opportunity are now better equipped to handle emergencies, thanks to the invaluable experiences gained.

Stay tuned for next year’s Emergency Care Symposium where we continue to strive for excellence in strengthening emergency medical care in Kenya to save lives.

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