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Seven years ago, we innocently just wanted to save lives. Little did we know that it would also include developing the right policies and processes, building infrastructure, providing equipment and other resources and ensuring everything works seamlessly and harmoniously to save just one life. We sincerely thank all our donors, partners, board, secretariat and faculty for bringing us this far.

Let’s all brace up for an even greater impact in 2023. Asante! READ MORE

Happy New Month! Hope you haven’t missed us much. We had a hitch with the February issue, but we are back with a bang! In this issue, we reflect on the recurring obstacles to access to emergency medical care in Kenya. Have you, your loved one or someone you know ever been in a medical emergency? Did you know what to do? How quickly did you get help? Check this out and so much more in this month’s SHOCK! available on the Casualty App, which is now available in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, or READ IT ONLINE

EMKF County Champions serve as EMKF local point persons in the county, enhancing efficiency in collaboration and project implementation in the counties for tremendous success and sustainability of our initiatives.

On 2nd March, 2023, Moi County Referral Hospital – Voi unveiled its newly improved Emergency Department. The renovations, ultrasound machine, installation of the oxygen gas manifold and training of staff is expected to greatly improve the hospital’s emergency department’s capacity to respond to and handle medical emergencies in order to save lives. This project was co-financed within the framework of the Polish development cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, EMKF and Taita Taveta County Government as part of our Adopt-an-ED Project.  READ MORE

The Emergency Care Algorithms 2023 are now available. This marks 10 years since the first edition in 2013. Annually, we distribute over 1,000 free copies to emergency departments across Kenya to ensure emergency healthcare providers have access to evidence-based emergency medical care guidelines to save lives. READ MORE

Dr Wachira featured in the #YourHealth TV Show on KBC TV to discuss emergency healthcare in Kenya and the Casualty App by Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) which provides you with access to emergency care information and treatment guidelines to help you provide basic first aid as a layperson or emergency care as a first responder or a healthcare provider. DOWNLOAD NOW!