African Journal of Emergency Medicine


2015 | SEPTEMBER | Volume 5 | Issue 3

Editorial | Transfusion in acute trauma: a conundrum for the African emergency care system Isaac Kajja

Original researchLibyan armed conflict 2011: Mortality, injury and population displacement Mohamed A. Daw, Abdallah El-Bouzedi, Aghnaya A. Dau

Original researchProcedural sedation and analgesia: Auditing the practice at Steve Biko Academic Hospital Emergency Centre from May to October 2014 C.C. Meyer, A. Engelbrecht

Original researchIn-service training of physician assistants in acute care in Ghana: Challenges, successes, and lessons learned Anjali Niyogi, Barbra Villona, Beth L. Rubenstein, Stephanie J. Hubbard, Frank Baiden, Rachel T. Moresky

Original research | Buccal, intranasal or intravenous lorazepam for the treatment of acute convulsions in children in Malawi: An open randomized trial Samantha Lissauer, Julia Kenny, Oliver Jefferis, Tom Wingfield, Anne Miller, George Chagaluka, Linda Kalilani-Phiri, Elizabeth Molyneux

Clinical Review | Sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock: A review of the literature Keegan Tupchong, Alex Koyfman, Mark Foran

Uchunguzi | Journal Watch/ Montre de Journal Benjamin W. Wachira

Ujuzi | Practical Pearl/ Perle Pratique Sanjay Meena, Pankaj Sharma, Shreesh Kumar Gangary, Ashok Kumar Dawar, Buddhadev Chowdhury

Other Matters of Interest | Developing emergency medical dispatch systems in Africa – Recommendations of the African Federation for Emergency Medicine/International Academies of Emergency Dispatch Working Group Nee-Kofi Mould-Millman, Shaheem de Vries, Christopher Stein, Muhumpu Kafwamfwa, Julia Dixon, Arthur Yancey, Busha Laba, Jerry Overton, Ron McDaniel, Lee A. Wallis

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