4 more big airways pearls from the Crash Airway Course…


  • Ear to Sternal Notch
  • Ramped up positioning
  • External Laryngeal Manipulation
  • Head Lift

Make some space for yourself

  • insert the laryngoscope like we insert the OPA
  • ask your assistant to pull the cheek on one side while
    you are inserting the laryngoscope inside the oral cavity.

The ET Tube – A major pitfall while inserting the tube is, when we try and go straight into the mouth after visualising the cords. This blocks our own view of the cords and can lead to misplacement of the tube. This can be fixed by entering the mouth from the right side.

 Bougie is your best friend! Bougie must be available for every airway. Keep it in your airway kit – right next to you before taking the first attempt rather than asking for it after you have failed.

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