The main goals of ED migraine therapy are (in order)…

The main goals of ED migraine therapy are (in order):

  • Make the symptoms go away
  • Restore normal function
  • Align the patient for outpatient follow up

Metoclopramide is quite effective at accomplishing these 3 goals.

ACLS REVISION: BRADYCARDIA…think DIE…Drugs, Ischaemia and Electrolytes

When the patient in front of you is sick, these are the three common and reversible causes of bradycardia that you need to recognize in the emergency setting that the standard ACLS trio of atropine, pacing, and adrenaline/dopamine does little or nothing to address them.

Dear Surgeons…We are done ordering WBCs and CR(A)Ps for your Appendicitis


No WBC count or CRP level can safely and sufficiently confirm or exclude the suspected diagnosis of acute appendicitis in patients who present with abdominal pain of 5 days or less in duration.