Broken Hand DIY Tip…

A shoulder sling can be created with the free edge of a t-shirt and 2 safety pins. The free edge of the t-shirt is folded up until the injured arm is supported in the shirt crease. The free edge is secured in place with a minimum of two safety pins. This creates an effective and user friendly solution. All aspects of the design can be completed by the injured individual with the uninjured hand.


Keep Calm AND Get a Venous Blood Gas

Unless you want to know a patient’s oxygenation (because your pulse oximeter has failed), stop turning your patient into a pin cushion looking for the radial artery and get a venous blood gas

SHIFTY MEDICINE: Kayexalate is a potentially harmful therapy to treat hyperkalemia

Kayexalate is a potentially harmful therapy to treat hyperkalemia, it has a slow onset action (if at all) and doubtful efficacy. It also carries risk of life threatening gastrointestinal complications. There is NO CONVINCING EVIDENCE that Kayexalate increases fecal potassium losses.

How to pick a pneumothorax on a supine CXR

The supine chest x-ray shows a deep sulcus sign on the left, which is a radiological sign seen in supine patients with pneumothorax. The deep sulcus sign represents lucency of the lateral costophrenic angle extending towards the hypochondrium.