Correction of Critical Hypokalemia

“Severe hypokalemia is associated with undesirable consequences including cardiac arrhythmias, such as ventricular tachycardia and fibrillation from increased automaticity, and respiratory failure from neuromuscular weakness.” Follow the link to learn how to manage this life threatening condition (and how to peel a banana)

Myths in DKA Management



Myths in DKA Management: The urban legends end here

  1. VBG as good as ABG for diagnosis and treatment
  2. Aggressively replete potassium prior to starting insulin
  3. Bicarbonate is unnecessary in DKA treatment and potentially harmful
  4. A bolus of insulin is unnecessary in DKA treatment and potentially harmful



How Much Radiation are you Really Exposed To during Bedside X-Rays?

Portable X-Rays…how safe are your gonads: The background radiation we are exposed to every day (from cosmic rays, brick buildings, etc) amounts to about 2400 microGrays per year. At approximately 1 meter away from the patient, the amount of radiation from chest X-ray scatter is around 0.2 microGrays which is far is less than the radiation we are exposed to naturally every hour!