101 things every emergency health care provider should learn…

#2 You are required to know the foundational knowledge and skills of your job. No excuses.

#9 Own your mistakes. We all make them, but only the best of us own them. #42 Forgive yourself for your mistakes.

#14 Master the physical assessment. Nobody in the field of medicine should be able to hold a candlestick to your physical assessment skills.

#15 Keep your head about you. If you fail at that, you’ll likely fail at everything else.

#27 Nobody can give you your happiness or job satisfaction. It is yours and yours alone. And you have to choose it.

#39 Maintain the illusion of control. Nobody needs to know that you weren’t prepared for what just happened.

#62 Bring yourself to work. There is something that you were meant to contribute to this profession. You’ll never be able to do that if you behave like a cog.

#77 When you first meet a patient, come to their level, look them in the eyes and smile. Make it your habit.

#79 Calm down. It’s not your emergency.

#80 Stand still. There is an enormous difference between dramatic but senseless action and correct action. Stop, think and then move with a purpose.

#87 No matter how hard you think you worked for them, your knowledge and skills are not yours. They were gifted to you. The best way to say thank you is to give them away.

#100 Service is at the heart of everything we do. The farther away from that concept you drift, the more you are likely to become lost.

#101 There is no shame in wanting to make the world a better place.



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