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Ensuring timely, accessible and quality lifesaving emergency care in Kenya


Kenya Emergency Medical Care Policy

The Kenya Emergency Medical Care (EMC) Policy 2020-2030 is the first-ever policy in Kenya that seeks to establish a working Emergency Medical Care (EMC) System as a key component of the healthcare system in the country.

Giving Oxygen to COVID-19 Patients

Part of our COVID-19 initiatives has been to improve the delivery of oxygen to patients in the emergency department in the county healthcare facilities with the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases.

Project 47: Emergency Care Centres

The primary objective of Project 47 is to establish standardised public emergency care centres across the 47 counties in Kenya.


Devolution of Emergency Care in Kenya

Our monthly emergency care talks are open-mic sessions where we discuss key emergency care topics and encourage the audience to share their experiences to ensure we are all providing timely, accessible and quality lifesaving emergency care in Kenya.

2020 EMK Foundation Annual Report

With the start of 2021, we look back at the achievements of the Foundation in 2020, a year that truly highlighted the need for us to increase our efforts to strengthen emergency care services in Kenya and to ensure that emergency care is firmly integrated within the existing healthcare system.

SHOCK! January issue now out

SHOCK! is the official Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation Newsletter. In this issue we discuss about the Kenya Emergency Medical Care Policy 2020-2030 released by the Ministry of Health and teach you what to do should you encounter someone who suddenly collapses.

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